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These Are Tips To Clean Your Carpet And Dashboard

Many people want to get a good interior. Unfortunately, some people don’t clean the interior of the car properly. Some of them even cleaned it incorrectly. If you can’t clean the parts in the car alone, then you can use the services of mobile auto detailing. We will help you clean the inside of your car properly.

The interior of the car can also be dirty. Some parts are even filled with dust and germs. Here are some tips so you can clean the interior of the car properly.

1. If you want to clean the carpet
You need to know, on the carpet, there are usually various types of dirt such as soil, sand, and others that are carried by shoes or sandals. But don’t worry, car carpets are usually covered in footwear made of rubber material and easily removed or removed, making it easy to clean.
How to clean it is also quite easy, you only need to wash it with soap and brush it and dry it. As for the carpet that cannot be removed, you can clean it by using a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust.

2. If you want to clean the dashboard
The dashboard is one of the easiest car interiors to look dull and dirty. For that, you need to clean it regularly. First, clean the dust and dirt on the dashboard surface with a duster. Then in the hard-to-reach parts such as folds on the corner of the dashboard or AC blower, use a small brush to clean it. After that, use warm water or a special cleaning fluid and rub the dashboard surface evenly. Wipe the wet part with a special cloth to dry, then, apply an anti-UV liquid to provide protection and make it shiny.

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