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Do You Like Quartz Watches?

Unlike mechanical watches, quartz watches are driven by battery power. Quartz watches are popular with people because their use is very practical. The user does not have to bother repeatedly turning the crown so the watch machine stays alive and does not die. In a mechanical watch, we must reset the position of the watch and date if the watch dies because it is not used for a certain period of time. You may consider whether or not oris watches can be your best choices.

Quartz watches will be even more practical if there is a perpetual calendar feature. That is a feature that can adjust the day and date according to the number of days in a month. The price of quartz watches is also not as expensive as mechanical and automatic watches. Unfortunately, a quartz watch will eventually run out of energy, you must change the battery immediately. If you don’t do it, battery emits certain liquids that can damage the watch machine.

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