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These Are Tips To Clean Your House After It Has Been Flooded

Be alert when the flood water in the house has receded to about 5cm high. This is when you have to start removing flood water deposits because the mud will be harder to get rid of without water, don’t wait until the flood water is completely drained. Spray the dirt and mud deposits out of the house using a palm broom or rubber shovel. You should also reach under the pieces of furniture. In the meantime, you can call the action 1 restoration team if you want to hire the best water damage, experts.

That way, you will only need clean water to rinse. As soon as the flood recedes but while the floor is still wet, rinse the floor with clean water. Use pressurized hose water high enough to reach every corner of the house and shed the remnants of dirt on furniture submerged in flood water. Remove the water using a palm broom or rubber shovel and make sure there is no standing water left in the house.

Clean and dry furniture that can still be saved. Decaying furniture because it is submerged in flood water for too long should be discarded and replaced rather than risk causing other problems.

Wash mats, curtains, tablecloths, towels, and all items made of cloth that are flooded. If the care label of each item permits, use a cycle of hot water washing and quality detergent that is effective in killing germs and bacteria. Adjust the length of the washing cycle with how severe the flood water stains are. While waiting for the laundry, you can do the next step. Laundry services can be an alternative if the electricity in your home is cut off due to flooding.

Use a floor cleaning liquid containing disinfectants, such as Wipol, to mop the floor. Dissolve the product in a bucket of warm water if necessary to mop the floor this time to ensure that the germs on the floor are also overcome. Do the same thing on the bathroom floor. If necessary, mop the floor several times until there is no unpleasant odor from the flood.

Clean the wall with chlorinated cleaning liquid to prevent mold. Chlorine content will eradicate fungal spores and eradicate bacteria and germs.

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