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Signs Of Bed Bugs On Your Bed

Bed bugs are one of the most disgusting pests and we often find them at home. Many people do not care to keep the bed clean so it is difficult to get good quality sleep. If you have found bed bugs on the bed at home and you are confused about how to eliminate them, you need to call natural pest control Bondi which can eliminate all bed bugs with just one call. You can also inform the closest person about signs of bed bugs on the bed.

Look for odours caused by bed bugs
Bed bugs are classified as active producing pheromones or natural substances released from the body. Due to the fact that the presence of bed bugs is always in the colony, the smell of pheromones produced is of course many times more easily smelled. The bad news, the smell that is meant here is an unpleasant smell (like a musty smell). Simply put, if the surface of the bed has started to smell like a wet sock, you need to do an inspection because it is very likely that there is a colony of bed bugs behind the situation.

There are bed bug attacks on the body
The most easily detected and least desirable sign is an attack on the body caused by bed bugs. Their scars tend to be difficult to distinguish from other insect bite marks such as mosquitoes. But here are some characters who might help you recognise them better.

• The form of a former attack: generally characterised by a reddish area (small to wide).

• The feeling that is caused: is generally itchy but does not rule out the possibility of traces of bedbug attack just making an impression without itching.

• The area in the body that is being targeted: any area that is not closed. But their soft targets are generally around the ankles, hands, neck, chest and back.

• Another sign: bedbug bite marks are generally not just one in one attack. Their unique character is how they tend to bite more than one area as an ‘experiment’ until they find the most delicious area on the surface of our skin for blood to eat. Therefore, generally bedbug bite marks will be patterned.

There are traces of dirt
His form was like a black ink pen that leaked. In fact, this blackish dirt is blood that is eaten by digestible bed bugs. To determine whether it is really faeces from bed bugs, you only need to try wiping the dirty surface with a damp cloth or wet tissue. If the dirt leaves a mark, moreover smelling, then it is true that the former dirt belongs to the colony of bed bugs.