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These Are Some Reasons Why You Must Be On Vacation To UK

The UK is one of the countries most frequently visited by tourists from abroad. Many people are interested in going to the UK for several reasons. However, you must have a visa so you can go there. In fact, for couples, you must have a spousal visa. You can get it after you take the first. Making a UK visa is indeed difficult, but this is an important document that you must have british life skills.

Many people go to the UK for vacation. If you also want to go to the UK for a vacation, then there is a lot of preparation that you have to do. There are several reasons why you should vacation in the UK when you have the chance.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is an official residence inhabited by the British queen in London and at the same time the administrative headquarters of the British Empire. This palace is located between St. James Park and Green Park. The palace has 775 rooms including 19 State Rooms, 52 bedrooms for family work and guests, 188 bedrooms for staff, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. Even though it is used for official occasions and receptions, Staterooms are open every year for visitors.

Oxford Street
This place is a shopping place that must be visited, especially for the shopaholic. In this place, you can find 300 shops that sell various branded brands, such as Timberland, Urban Outfitters, New Look, Selfridges, and others. For woman who loves cosmetic, this place is the best place for you, it is because here also sells various cosmic brands such as Chanel, Maybelline, YSL and others.

Bond Street
In this place, you can look like your favorite artists, but you have to spend quite a lot because Bond street is the most luxurious shopping place in the UK. Reportedly the family of England and the international socialites are shopping here.