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Nitric Oxide Faces Bacteria And Virus Directly

Despite carrying important messages, nitric oxide is also a toxic molecule. Thus, the role of NO in the immune system is related to its toxicity. This molecule is released by the macrophages, which is important in the immune system nitric oxide supplements. Remember that macrophages are microscopic objects measuring 0.01 millimeters.

Through a process called phagocytosis, the macrophages eliminate (swallows) bacteria and molecules that are harmful to our body. When meeting with germs or bacteria that cause disease, the macrophages surround it; then, bacteria surrounded by macrophages are fired at with nitric oxide. In this way, the nitric oxide molecule starts a reaction that destroys bacteria. Of course, the collaboration between nitric oxide and macrophages is one of the countless conclusive proofs of creation.

NO molecules have another interesting role in the immune system. Research shows that NO paralyzes the “protease” enzyme found in a number of viruses. This enzyme breaks down large proteins into small parts that are used in the production of new viruses. NO causes this enzyme to not work, preventing the virus from multiplying.

Small molecules look for other molecules in the body that have never been encountered and know exactly how to finish their effects. In this way, humans are saved from the great danger they are not aware of. It is clear that all inter-molecular order and relationships cannot happen by chance. God, the Lord of hosts, gives molecules NO functions and creates them with special abilities.

Research in this field continues and it is estimated that in the near future scientists will be able to use nitric oxide in the fight against cancer. Every new information that comes up will show that this molecule is the result of extraordinary design.

Every day, there is new research on nitric oxide molecules, and the results of this study are amazing, even for scientists. What is known to date is that these messenger molecules are produced in various cells throughout our body, and function important in various bodily processes. To understand how astonishing the activity of this molecule is, put yourself for a moment as NO and imagine you are carrying out its duties.