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The Power Of Prayer

You must often feel calm after you pray. This is one of the reasons why prayer is important for Christians first because prayer can give us peace of mind, peace of heart and mind. When we face life problems, often we become so worried and depressed. We worry about facing various problems in our lives. Moreover, if it is a difficult problem for us. That’s when prayer provides coolness to our souls. We give everything into God’s hands when praying and then our hearts and minds will be calm. For the peace that is from God, which we cannot think of as human beings, will soothe our hearts and minds. What do you do when you need urgent prayer request?

Praying is not only because we want something but we must do it because we get peace of heart and mind, while we have not got what we ask for. The more we pray, the calmer our hearts and minds are, so we don’t panic, fear and worry when these life problems come upon us.

Prayer can make our faith stronger. Another reason why prayer is important is that prayer can grow our faith. Prayer makes us get new strength from God. They will be like an eagle that rises high with the power of its wings when facing a storm. Even running they will not be lethargic and walk will not be tired, because they get new energy from the power of God in their prayers.

When we look forward to God in our lives, which we can do when we pray, we are like a battery that is charged to an electricity source to get new energy. If the battery has “worked” for some time, it will run out of power until it finally fades and dies. In order for him to function properly, he must get a “new power” from the source of electricity, he must be charged and so do we.