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These Are Steps You Need To Do A Proper Piling Process

If you want to set up a pile well, you need the right steps. It’s necessary so you won’t make fatal mistakes during the piling process. In the meantime, you may hire KNProconcrete if you need the best piling experts.

Following are the steps for setting up the stake you need:

Make a marker in the form of location points for the construction of the pile. Check the accuracy of the markers that have been made once.

Use the hydraulic hammer to plug the pile into the ground to reach the expected depth level. It should be noted, the beating of the stake is done at the top.

Protect the head of the packing made from plywood which has a thickness of 5 cm. During the beating process, the packing layer must be replaced regularly so that the protection power does not decrease.

The piling work must be carried out carefully and monitored continuously so that there are no errors. Therefore, a surveyor is required to ensure the accuracy of the results of the design by monitoring it directly using theodolite.

The piling process is carried out until the end of the stake reaches the planned depth of soil. Then, it is necessary to control the final set or calendering and also do a PDA test to test the carrying capacity of the pile.

The last step is to cut the pile that is above the ground in accordance with the marker that has been made. Don’t forget to leave a little bit of reinforcement for the cuttings that will be connected to the pile cap.