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The Right Way To Pull And Shoot Bow

Are you still confused about how to shoot a bow? This time we will provide the right way to shoot a bow. Make sure that you act very carefully, especially if you have never used a bow before. Visit our website if you want to know the exercises for bow hunting.

– Before lifting the bow, you must fill in the arrows by attaching a notch to the end of the arrow to the bowstring and without really pulling the bowstring. This action is called “nocking” arrows.

– Lift the bow to shoulder height. When lifting, make sure the arm holding the bow is straight with the elbow locked. If your elbows are bent, it will be more difficult for you to draw the bow. Keeping your elbows from the arms holding the bow still straight also helps to keep your arms away from the bow when you open fire.

– Pull the bowstring back. You have to pull the string back until your hand is just below the jawbone. The bowstring should touch the face slightly around the corner of your mouth. Check again when you pull the bow backward so that your body does not rotate and faces toward the target. Try to practice to allow the stronger muscles in your back to do most of the task of pulling the bow instead of using your arm muscles.

– Aim. You must aim with your dominant eye while closing your other eyes. The dominant eye is much more reliable for aiming at targets. If your bow has a sight (sighter), use the notch in the sight to help straighten the shot at the target. Also, check the shot with your eyes.

– Let your finger on the bowstring relax to shoot. Don’t jerk the strings back, because arrows may not go straight. Keep the release of your arrow as smooth and soft as possible, by thinking of actions that make your fingers more relaxed on the rope, not just let it go.

– Stay in your position until the arrow hits the target. After you take off the bowstring, the arrows still have to dart through the bow, and every movement for a split second can disrupt the direction of the arrow.